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We've used Bev as both a buyer and a seller of property in Pinetop. She is more professional than any real estate agent we have ever encountered. Bev is friendly, knowledgeable, trustworthy, realistic, but most of all, she is results-driven! She responds to emails and texts promptly, engages the most reliable and experienced resources, e.g., photographers, painters, inspectors, handy persons needed in the buy/sell process. She works collaboratively with buyers, sellers, other agents, and title professionals. Even if there are a few bumps in the road, Bev works to get them ironed out satisfactorily. If you need a real estate agent in Pinetop-Lakeside, you will serve yourself well to engage her because Bev Best is simply the best!
Chris Tisch, Bev Best is Simply the Best!
We have bought and sold eight properties experiencing many very good realtors. Bev stands alone. Professional, knowledgeable, great communication, and top marketing expertise. Listed in July, closed end of August. The buyers wanted the property with cash offer, we were anxious to sell. Quick. Best of all was Bev keeping us informed throughout the process. If you was a hard working realtor call Bev Best.
JJ, Bev Stands Alone
We had a more-than-typical situation with the sale of a house, the sale of an undeveloped lot, and the purchase of a house all at once—and in less than 30 days! We cannot say enough good things about Bev and her team! They have it goin' on with the most efficient group you could ask for. Communication was excellent and every question/detail responded to right away. Everything was coordinated in a matter of weeks. She made a seriously stressful time so much lighter for us. Need a realtor? Look no further. This is it in the White Mountains!
themountaingoddess, Informative, Professional, and a Genuinely Nice Person
Having bought and sold numerous properties over the years, we knew what we were looking for in a Real Estate Agent. Bev exceeded our expectations. Her patience and communication was key in a couple of instances with difficult buyers. She was able to seamlessly navigate around them and help us negotiate our best deal! If you have bought or sold a home, you know that communication is crucial throughout the entire process. Bev quickly responded to texts and emails. She has a well thought out marketing plan, and the photographer she hired was amazing! Bev is informative, professional, and a genuinely nice person, who will help make your next home sale or purchase as successful as possible.
Rae Michele Humphreys, Informative, Professional, and a Genuinely Nice Person
We saw the many good reviews for Bev Best and decided to make an appointment with her...all went well! She patiently listened to our ``Laundry List`` of home requirements; price, neighborhood, rooms, garage, etc. She gave us excellent council on a selling/moving/buying strategy that made the most sense for our circumstances. Even though we don't expect to be moving for another year, she showed us a beautiful home that was as if she read our minds about what mattered to us. When the time comes to sell/buy/move in we'll definitely go with Bev Best!
Dan Morris, She Read Our Minds
I interviewed multiple agents while deciding whom to list our vacation home with. Bev was by far the most professional, and she exuded an air of competence that the others did not. She did the basic things (market analysis, pricing strategy, etc.) but she was confident enough to tell me to interview others. And she stood out even more as I had those conversations. (Note - I have bought/sold a LOT of homes, and have experience with a lot of realtors, most of whom left a lot to be desired.)

She had a signed offer (bonus - she also brought the buyers) within 2 weeks, and we closed 3 weeks later. Far quicker than I had planned for, and with no issues. She also handled getting the house cleaned and a minor repair done for me since I was remote.

I can't say enough great things about her!

Don D, Most Professional
Bev was wonderful to work with. She was extremely professional and went above and beyond.
Gus Brown, Went Above And Beyond
Incredibly professional - I interviewed multiple agents and she was hands down the most professional. She had done her research about what our home was worth, came with a solid pricing strategy, and just generally carried an air of competence that others did not. The house was under contract 10 days from listing (she brought the buyer too), and we closed 3 weeks later. I am remote, and everything was handled - she took care of a minor repair and getting the place cleaned and show-ready for me. Just excellent service all around. I've bought/sold 20+ properties and have dealt with a lot of realtors. She was easily one of the best!
Dave H, Excellent Service All Around
Bev was wonderful to work with. She was extremely professional and went above and beyond.
Gus Brown, Bev Was Wonderful To Work With
Not a pun - Bev Best is truly that - The Best! A no-nonsense, yet personable real estate professional, super knowledgeable and experienced- maybe not a mind reader - but close. Bev took no time in assessing our needs and desires and pointed us in the right direction not wasting our time searching the listings that were not up our alley. Her experience in helping us make the deal was rapid and right on target finding us the right property at the best price, terms, and conditions. Assisting us in choosing all of the best real estate professionals and contractors to close the transaction quickly and satisfactorily to all parties. We could not be more pleased. We strongly recommend Bev Best for all your real estate needs.
Hal Clark and Robin Waters-Clark, We Strongly Recommend Bev Best
Bev did and excellent job, she communicated well and quickly responded to all of your request and inquiries. She fought and won a battle with the lender when we had an issue with the appraisal. I would recommend Bev to anyone.
CBlake75, I Would Recommend Bev to Anyone
I was looking for a very specific type of property in Show Low. Had been working with another realtor for three months. A property came on the market that was EXACTLY what I wanted, in my price range! My realtor didn't have TIME to move quickly, and I knew the property would be under contract within hours. Did a bit of research and found Bev. Multiple contracts were submitted, she and I talked in-depth about the numbers, and what we could do to make my offer stand out. About four hours later MY offer was accepted. I was so impressed with how Bev handled the whole situation, we closed in less than a month, she had all the local information I needed from utilities to references for handyman etc..... TRULY THE BEST~
ZUser20171110181632157, Impressed with How Bev Handled the Whole Situation
Thank you again for your help in our resettlement.
You were so supportive when we were hard to deal with and that is part of what makes you the best realtor on the mountain in our book. My kids, who have bought and sold numerous times, say you are the best they have ever seen and that includes Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming.
You have incredible integrity and a great eye for people and property. I still look at other properties online for fun and marvel at how poorly they are shown in the photos. You know how to show a property at its best. I don’t believe anyone else could have moved our houses like you did.
Nancy S., The Best Realtor on the Mountain
My wife and I have purchased many homes in 35 years, and Beverly is the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. When we first stated this process with Beverly, we lived 2,500 miles away. She did all of the leg work, checked out the neighborhoods, surroundings, and schools. She took digital pictures of homes we asked her to look at, and emailed them to us. She is an outstanding person to work with, and very personable. I would recommend her to everyone I know.
Robert B., Lakeside, AZ, The Best Real Estate Agent We Have Ever Worked With
We are so glad we chose to list with Bev Best. She is by far the most responsive realtor with whom we have worked. Her constant communication is so valuable, and she strives to pass along market information, which helps us make decisions regarding our property. Bev did not just take our listing and wait for other realtors to bring their buyers. She is constantly promoting our property and utilizing many avenues to bring potential buyers to see the home. Our home was just recently listed with Bev, but we are happy with the traffic that has come through and the offers that we have already received. In summary, Bev works hard to help her clients achieve their goals. We would recommend her to anyone searching for a responsive and diligent realtor, to assist with their buying or selling.
Pinecone0502, The Most Responsive Realtor
I first met with Beverly last year, and I was looking for a summer home in the White Mountains. She was so helpful and knew the area so well that I quickly decided to invest in Pinetop. She selected the perfect home, based on my criteria and the deal was signed shortly after this first trip. Being a foreign investor from France, I really appreciated her dedication and honesty. This was so comfortable to have such a great agent on my side when my knowledge on this local market and real estate transaction was so limited. I greatly recommend Beverly!
Laurent123, I Greatly Recommend Beverly!
I’ve known Bev for 10+ years and during that time Bev has helped me numerous times with my real estate needs. I find Bev to be courteous, knowledgeable, and very professional. She takes the time to understand your needs and provides you the information necessary for you to make a sound real estate decision. I highly recommend Bev to any one looking to buy or sell, you won’t be disappointed!
Another9, I Highly Recommend Bev
You will encounter unparalleled professional skill. After months of searching, looking at too many cabins to count, and sending my professional, patient, realtor in many directions—Bev found the perfect match for me and my family!!! I love my cabin!
A Mountain View, I highly recommend Bev Best!
Bev was a referral from a friend of ours and she was everything they said! She actually listened to our criteria and searched the entire mountain for us so that we understood the market, which made it easy when it came to making choices. She has a nice personality so it made the process enjoyable. She was intelligent, thorough and we believe she found us the best deal on the mountain. After the purchase she helped us with local referrals to get our house maintenance done for a reasonable price. Very happy with her service and we feel very good about recommending her to others.
Scott & Trish Gulbranson, Very Happy with Bev's Service
My husband and I were extremely pleased with Bev. She did an outstanding job with both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our other home. She goes above and beyond the call of duty!! We have been very impressed and thankful that we selected her! We would highly recommend her!!!!
VVChurch, She Did an Outstanding Job
Bev Best went above and beyond just showing us the cabin we purchased. We were in Phoenix during the purchase, and she stepped in for us. Even as far a guidance, to bid lower than we had intended…She never missed a beat in communicating with us. She eased our worries, and therefore, the sale went very smoothly. I must not forget to mention, she is now a very good friend and neighbor. I would very highly recommend Bev to everyone.
Judi and Rick Drake, Bev Best Went Above and Beyond
Bev did such an amazing job helping our family find and buy our dream home!! She took our very picky, specific parameters and quickly had a list of properties in the area that fit our parameters. Driving around to all of the properties with her was a delightful experience. When we finally did find the house that we wanted, it was a short sale. That means that there are tons and tons of obstacles to clear, and it requires not only a great deal of knowledge, but lightning fast responsiveness and attention to detail. I could not believe all of the work that went into just landing the deal! She also helped us determine a fair market price for the house, and after what we learned about the construction quality of our house as well as the other local comps we know that she steered us in the right direction!
User658770, Bev Did Such an Amazing Job
Bev is very professional, friendly, energetic, and responsive. She helped us find and close the deal on our perfect cabin. She was very knowledgeable about comps and comp values. The list price on the cabin was higher than our budget, but she assured us that the comps on the cabin would be within our budget. There were many obstacles as the cabin was a short sale and then it went into foreclosure. She was relentless in dealing with other realtors and banks that wouldn’t return her calls and due to her persistence we got our cabin under list price and within our budget. I would recommend Bev for any buying or selling transactions as she has proven she can handle the tough ones.
User9362982, I Would Recommend Bev for Any Buying or Selling Transactions
Beverly not only found our dream home for us, but became a close friend in the process. She responded immediately to our interest in moving from San Diego, California to Show Low, Arizona. Her energy, enthusiasm and dedication to finding the perfect home was wonderful. After finding the perfect home, Bev was there for us during the sale of our home in San Diego – coordinating contacts and assisting with moving details. The snow was plowed in our driveway when we did a partial move between Christmas and New Years. She arranged local workers to help us move in. And she was there with windex, paper towels, etc. to help with the details. Bev is wonderful to work with and there are no limits when it comes to her resourcefulness and dedication to your happiness.
User6491449, No Limits When it Comes to Her Resourcefulness
She not only has great knowledge of the real estate market in the White Mountains, she took care of every little detail. Bev made our home-buying experience a real pleasure!
User7554686, Bev Was Absolutely Fantastic!
Bev was fantastic in helping us find our new mountain home. She listened to our requirements and quickly found a number of great options for us to look at. A key positive for us was that she really listened to us during each conversation and every showing, noting our questions and preferences and using those to further refine her search for our perfect home. Once we entered the purchase process, Bev was invaluable. She oversaw all aspects of the process and kept us regularly updated on progress. She was great about researching and answering all our questions quickly, and always made us feel she had our best interests at heart. I would highly recommend Bev for anyone searching for that perfect home in Arizona's White Mountains!
User06081265, She Really Listened
Bev did a great job helping us find our home in Pinetop. She worked hard to understand and accommodate our preferences and price range. She was very knowledgeable about the area as well as current market conditions. We gave her the opportunity to practice patience and she didn’t give up on us. She is the hardest working realtor we’ve experienced in our 25 years of home purchases.
User8883811, The Hardest Working Realtor We’ve Experienced
We were so blessed to have been recommended to her, we could not have asked for a better real-estate agent then Bev Best. She is not only knowledgeable of the real estate market in the White Mountains, but she is truly a woman of integrity. Bev was instrumental in every aspect of our home purchase from the very start of viewing properties, to entering into the purchase process, through the closing process right down to when we arrived in town to get the keys to our beautiful new home. She doesn’t just go through the motions like most agent’s do, but she truly listens to your needs, she addressed all your issues and questions you may have and is very responsive. And when it comes to unlimited resources for whatever your need may be after you have purchase a new home, Bev is by far the best person to have by your side. She takes care of every little detail and goes above and beyond what is required of her. She’s not only an awesome real-estate agent, but we consider her a dear friend. We recommend Bev to all our family, friends, and colleagues, basically if we hear that someone is looking to purchase a home in the White Mountains, we tell them about the wonderful experience we had with Bev Best and provide them with all her information. Bev is the BEST!!
Scott & Marina Waddle, Bev is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
Bev helped us in buying a vacation home in Pinetop. She showed a lot of knowledge. She was very easy to work with. She gave us good advice in choosing the right home.
User9998032, Very Patient and Full of Energy
I found Beverly Best to be a rare combination of broad scope knowledge, extremely high efficiency and responsiveness, and the human touch. That is to say that in pretty short order I came to trust her as a friend, and even consider her a friend. My feeling was that Bev cared about what was best for my personal situation, more than she cared about closing a deal. Very rare indeed! I count myself very lucky to have been represented by Beverly Best, and I would recommend her unequivocally.
MichelleSilva9, A Rare Combination
I have worked with Bev many times and always found her primary concern to be the satisfaction of her client and finding the right home at the right price. She is low key and professional in all of her dealings. I would highly recommend Bev as the best real estate agent I have dealt with.
MichaelWest8, The Best Real Estate Agent I Have Dealt With
Bev allowed us to have one of the best experiences dealing with real estate in spite of several “challenges” that came up. She is extremely responsive, flexible in her schedule and well acquainted with her region.
Gideon51, Extremely Responsive
We used Bev Best to sell two of our homes in the White Mountains and she did such a great job in marketing our homes, that we sold them both in record time and without problems. She handled the closing process professionally and quickly. I would HIGHLY recommend her and thank her for a job well done!
TerryTeri, We Sold in Record Time
She helped my husband and me purchase our dream cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona. As most folks know, purchasing a home can be a stressful and confusing process. Beverly made things easy for us. She narrowed our search to properties that would fit the needs of our family perfectly. She acted as our liaison with the lending company and really kept the team on track for an on time closing. She even provided all the contact information for local utility service providers and businesses, which made our transition to ‘homeowner’ so much smoother. Beverly did a fantastic job for me and my family, and I highly recommend her services to anyone considering buying a home.
ZUser20140507133111001, Beverly is a Rockstar!!
The woman knows her business—a true professional.


She is the best! Beverly went beyond the call of duty—staging the home, blowing leaves off the deck, and arranging people to come over and fix things because I had moved out of state.

Santoro710, The Best Realtor I Have Ever Dealt With
Bev is a genuine pleasure to work with, and is an excellent problem-solver. As an absentee seller (we live 200 miles from Pinetop) in a market that has been a buyer’s market since 2008, it was difficult to find a broker who would give as much effort to marketing our listing as to representing clients who want to buy. Bev is that person. Her use of professionally photographed virtual tours is a personal financial investment she makes in her listings. She backs up that investment with excellent ongoing communication and a willingness to listen. Bottom line for us was that, after a very frustrating year on the market with another broker, Bev brought us one good offer almost immediately (though the buyer pulled out of escrow a few days later), and a second (this time full price) offer a week later. Though there were a few bumps between escrow and closing, which any seller and broker should expect, Bev got on top of them immediately, and between her efforts and ours we got them solved. The sale closed on time.

So here’s the deal. If you are an interested seller, and are willing to listen to Bev’s suggestions and do your part, list with her. I can’t recommend her enough. If you are going to behave like a horse’s hindquarters, though, don’t waste her time, because she deserves great clients! I don’t have any experience with her as a buyer’s broker, so I can’t speak from experience, but I would not hesitate to retain her services in that role as well.

MHMyers5, I Can’t Recommend Her Enough
Bev helped us buy a foreclosed condo in the Pinetop Country Club area. She was so patient with us and the whole process. There were a number of times when we weren’t sure it was going to go through and Bev was always there to help us through the next hurdle. We would highly recommend her and would use her again in this area.
ZUser20140525165728975, She Was So Patient
Beverly helped us set an attractive price, marketed our property and found a cash buyer within 10 days of listing. She was responsive and helpful taking care of HOA issues for us as we live 300 miles away. She also successfully negotiated last minute extra expenses and was able to get the buyer to pay for them. All paperwork was accomplished via email, which greatly expedited the sale.
ZUser20140525105435640, Beverly Has a Good Understanding of the Market
The White Mountains real estate landscape is typically a secondary home market or a retirement home for people seeking to get away from the craziness of an urban area. Bev knows the White Mountains well and also understands the attractiveness of the area to her customer base because she has lived in both locations. She provides the insight to find a good match between the seller and the buyer.
Mary Bro, She Provides the Insight
We were very impressed with Bev from day one. We called her while we were in town on a Sunday afternoon and she made time to meet with us that day! We agreed on a price to list our property and she went to work immediately getting it listed and advertised with complete information including a virtual tour from pictures that she took herself. We had a contract after just 18 days on the market and got very close to our asking price. She has been in the White Mountain area for many years and had great contacts that we used to resolve minor issues from the buyer’s inspection report. To put it in a nutshell, she did exactly what she said she would do, and more.
Benny58, She is an Exceptional Realtor!
We were extremely pleased with the results from having Bev as our realtor. She was very professional and always kept us informed. She went out of her way to open the house for cleaning people, roofers etc. Bev sold our home in a short time.
LesJBuck, I Would Recommend Bev to Anyone Needing a Good Realtor
Bev, I want to thank you so much for everything you did to get our property sold in an incredibly short time despite a slow market. You knew what the market would support, hooked us up with the “Right Buyer” and did everything to make it happen. It was awesome working with you. Thanks for all that you did for us.
TomC24, Awesome Working with Bev
Bev and her real estate partner, Nicole, are wonderful to work with! They are both helpful and friendly, without being pushy.
Tammy Larson, Our Home-Buying Process Was a Breeze.
She helped us with some makeovers to prepare for market. Then she photographed the property from the best perspectives to show it in appealing ways. We liked her approach when we first used her as buyers. She quickly determined what we were looking for and did not waste our time showing properties that would not work for us. That’s why we chose to use her as sellers. We feel she got us the best deal possible for the best buyer possible.
Nstidham8, Bev Has a Great Eye for How to Present Property
She spent many hours with us looking for a house that fit the needs of our family without pressuring us into any decision. Her familiarity of the local area, attentiveness to our needs and real estate knowledge helped narrow down our search and put us on track for the purchase of our beautiful home. Bev was very responsive to our requests and went above and beyond to help us with our real estate transaction from over 2,000 miles away. She graciously dedicated time for us in researching, coordinating, obtaining information and helping put all the pieces together to assist us purchasing our home. Bev is a go getter and was a great negotiator on our behalf. We would not have been able to make this huge financial transaction from thousands of miles away had it not been for Bev’s dedication and determination to exceptional customer service. We were blessed to have Bev as our real estate agent and highly recommend her to anyone looking to make a real estate purchase in the White Mountain Area.
SantanaLTS, Bev Best is an Excellent Real Estate Agent!
Bev was great. Showed us several properties and supported us but without unwanted pressure in finding the best property for us. She handled all aspects of purchase very well. Would definitely recommend her to others.
VLutrick, Without Unwanted Pressure
Bev responded super quickly to our request to interview her as a prospective realtor to sell our house. We knew within five minutes of meeting her that she was the one who would provide us with the best quality service. We desired to have our house active on the market in a very short window and she worked tirelessly to accomplish it. Her marketing expertise showcased the house perfectly, which resulted in many showings and a successful sale in a short period of time, exactly what we wanted. Do not hesitate to hire Bev as your realtor, she is truly the “best”.
SFresques, Marketing Expertise Showcased the House Perfectly
Led to her by a recommendation from another realtor 100 miles away in Arizona, to help me sell my lot in Pinetop-Lakeside. She did a great job helping us to set a proper price, finding out details of utilities, etc. and contacting a Lakeside contact who had shown interest in our lot. 95% of the tasks were performed while we were still 100 miles away, over the internet and phone, including intermediate needed e-signatures. We were very happy with all the proceedings and the final outcome.
Keiku717, She Did a Great Job
We have been involved is several real estate transactions. Bev is definitely a top real estate agent. She is very professional and extremely timely and responsive to all aspects of the transaction.
JVargas8, Top Real Estate Agent
She was very attentive and provided amazing customer service. She researched what we wanted and gave us all the time we needed to view homes. I would highly recommend her and the HomeSmart Pro team!
Elizabeth017Miller, Our Experience with Bev Best Was Superb
She was knowledgeable in the area and willing to help any way she could. She answered the questions we had and wanted. I would use her again if we decide we want to make a change. Thanks for the help Bev.
Denny and Jan, Bev Was a Pleasure to Work With
She has a wonderfully pleasing personality and worked VERY hard for us. Bev went way beyond her call of duty to make sure the water pipes did not freeze when it became a issue requiring immediate attention I can’t see anyone else doing a better job on our behalf. Thank you, Bev.
ZUser20170213092200700, Bev Got Our Home Sold in a Very Tough Market
Bev was very professional and on top of all the details involved in our real estate transaction. She assisted with both the buying and selling of properties for us recently. You will find her to be helpful, knowledgeable, and personable. We would definitely use her services again.
User28496034, Very Professional
Bev was very professional and on top of all the details involved in our real estate transaction. She assisted with both the buying and selling of properties for us recently. You will find her to be helpful, knowledgeable, and personable. We would definitely use her services again.
User28496034, Bev was Very Professional
Bev Best was my agent for a second home I had in Pinetop. She made the sales process easy for me when I was 1000 miles away. She went above and beyond what the listing agent is required to do. She assisted in all stages of the sale from preparing the condo to inspections. I have worked with many real estate agents in my life and Bev Best is (as her name states) the Best!
SSeago1, Made the Sales Process Easy for Me
Bev was patient with me as I was extremely picky about the home I wanted. She refined my needs and wants and found the perfect home. She had great follow up and walked me through the whole entire purchase process. I am in the mortgage industry and have worked with many real estate agents. Beverly’s last name describes her perfectly….SHE IS THE BEST!:)
User2214669, Beverly was Awesome
She was knowledgeable in the area and willing to help any way she could. She answered the questions we had and wanted. I would use her again if we decide we want to make a change. Thanks for the help Bev.
Denny and Jan, Bev Was a Pleasure to Work With

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